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New Museum Updates


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When children play, they embark on fun-filled learning adventures where curiosity knows no boundaries, endless possibilities await, and hands-on experiences bring new concepts to life. KidsWork Children's Museum and the Village of New Lenox are excited to have welcomed the museum as a new branch of the Village, where it will continue offering a unique opportunity for children to learn through play at the only children's museum in Will County.

The KidsWork Children's Museum is a cultural institution that brings children, families, and the community together to engage in fun, hands-on, interactive play so as to nurture life-long learning and discovery.

KidsWork was founded in 2007 by local parents, educators, and business leaders, and the museum originated in the Trolley Barn in downtown Frankfort. A board of directors made up entirely of volunteers and an Executive Director led the museum through a successful 17 years, but as the museum's attendance continued to grow, it became clear that it was time for an evolution. After much consideration, communication, and due diligence, a new partnership with the Village of New Lenox came to fruition in the Spring of 2023, bringing with it new opportunity for KidsWork and ushering in the next chapter of the museum's story.

This next chapter brings with it a new home in New Lenox, featuring 12,000 square feet of space that will open in summer of 2024. This iteration of KidsWork Children's Museum will be an entirely new experience for visitors, from the building itself to the exhibits inside. The museum will embody community in the broadest sense of the word, both in how it serves as a community for its members and guests as well as in how it celebrates all the people and places around us. Accessibility and inclusivity will also be at the forefront of the new museum, allowing everyone who visits to feel a sense of belonging and empowerment. The new exhibits will build on the successful concepts at the existing museum while adding even more STEAM -focused activities and learning opportunities, giving the added benefit of extending the fun to older children, too. These fresh, innovative exhibits will continue to provide children the landscape and tools they need to learn and discover through hands-on play:

Hometown Harmony

Hometown Harmony introduces visitors to all the heroes that make everyday life run. Using imaginative play, children practice their language and social skills while learning about the world around them and their own abilities while feeling empowered to take on challenges in the safety of our town.

Worldwide Wonders

In Worldwide Wonders, visitors explore different countries through learning about elements of culture. Learning about other cultures enables children to widen their horizons and understand other perspectives in their approach to interacting with others and understanding their own place in the world.

Adventures in Motion

In Adventures in Motion, visitors use hands-on experimentation to see, hear, and feel physical forces and are empowered to control them. This open-ended play allows children to problem solve, prototype, test, and iterate as they try out the scientific method and take on increasing challenges each time they visit.

Reach for the Stars

At Reach for the Stars, visitors leave the earth behind to explore the moon and the rest of our solar system. Children learn about their place in the universe along with using problem solving skills, imaginative play, and gross motor skills. If they can explore space, anything is possible!

Outdoor Odyssey

When visitors head outside to the Outdoor Odyssey area, they can get their energy out and use their gross motor skills while climbing and playing, and they will find plenty of opportunities to get their hands dirty, too.


This is just the beginning, and there is so much more to come! To stay updated, be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts.